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Holidays To Malta

Holidays to Santorini

Santorini is a Greek island located in the southern Aegean Sea. It is part of the Cyclades group of islands, which are known for their stunning beauty and unique architecture.


Santorini Architecture
Photo: Santorini Architecture

Santorini is famous for its dramatic landscapes, with its cliffs, volcanic features, and iconic white-washed buildings with blue-domed roofs.

Santorini is a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors from around the world who come to enjoy its beautiful beaches, unique geological features, and charming villages. Some of the must-see places on the island include:

  • Fira: The capital of Santorini, Fira is perched on the edge of the caldera and offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape. It is filled with narrow streets, shops, restaurants, and bars.
  • Oia: A picturesque village located on the northern tip of the island, Oia is famous for its sunsets and is often considered the most photogenic place in Santorini.
  • Caldera: The volcanic crater formed by the eruption thousands of years ago, the caldera can be seen from various viewpoints around the island and is best experienced by taking a boat tour.
  • Akrotiri Archaeological Site: An ancient Minoan settlement that was preserved under volcanic ash from the eruption, Akrotiri offers a fascinating glimpse into the life of the inhabitants before the disaster.
  • Red Beach, White Beach, and Black Beach: Santorini's volcanic geology has created uniquely colored beaches, each offering a different ambiance and experience.
  • Wine tasting: The island is known for its local wine production, particularly the Assyrtiko grape, and there are many wineries to visit for tastings and tours.

In addition to these attractions, Santorini offers a wide range of activities such as hiking, scuba diving, and exploring the island's rich history and culture.Remember to sort your travel insurance before you go especially if activities such as scuba diving are on your to-do list. There are a range of policies fo you to consider including Multi Trip Travel Insurance.


Santorini Island
Photo: Santorini Island

Weather in Santorini

Santorini has a Mediterranean climate, characterized by mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers. The weather can vary depending on the season, so it's essential to plan your visit accordingly.

Spring (March to May): Spring is a pleasant time to visit Santorini, with temperatures ranging from 12°C (54°F) in March to 20°C (68°F) in May. The weather is generally mild and sunny, but there can be occasional rainfall. The tourist season is just beginning, so you can expect fewer crowds and more availability in accommodations.

Summer (June to August): Summer is the peak tourist season in Santorini, with temperatures ranging from 23°C (73°F) to 30°C (86°F). The weather is hot and sunny, with very little rainfall. This is an ideal time for beach activities and enjoying the island's nightlife, but it's also the busiest time of the year, with larger crowds and higher prices for accommodations.

Autumn (September to November): Autumn is another excellent time to visit Santorini, as temperatures range from 25°C (77°F) in September to 18°C (64°F) in November. The weather is still warm and mostly sunny, with occasional rainfall increasing towards the end of the season. The tourist crowds begin to thin out, making it a more relaxed time to explore the island.

Winter (December to February): Winter in Santorini is the off-season, with temperatures ranging from 10°C (50°F) to 15°C (59°F). The weather can be unpredictable, with rain and occasional strong winds. Many hotels, restaurants, and tourist facilities may be closed during this time, but it's a unique opportunity to experience Santorini without the crowds.

Keep in mind that these temperatures are averages, and actual weather conditions may vary depending on the year and specific dates of your visit. It's always a good idea to check the weather forecast before your trip to ensure you pack appropriate clothing and plan your activities accordingly.

Beaches in Santorini

Santorini is known for its unique and beautiful beaches, which are characterized by their volcanic sand and pebbles. Here are some of the most popular beaches on the island:

Red Beach: Located near the village of Akrotiri, Red Beach is famous for its striking red cliffs and dark red sand, created by volcanic activity. The beach is accessible by a short hike from the parking area, and it's a popular spot for swimming and sunbathing.

White Beach:
Also close to Akrotiri, White Beach is known for its impressive white cliffs and volcanic pebbles. The beach is accessible only by boat, making it a more secluded and quiet spot for swimming and relaxation.

Black Beach
(Perissa Beach and Kamari Beach): Black Beach consists of two popular stretches of coastline – Perissa Beach and Kamari Beach. Both beaches feature black volcanic sand and are lined with restaurants, bars, and shops. The beaches offer sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, and there are plenty of water sports activities available, such as windsurfing, jet-skiing, and paddleboarding.

Vlychada Beach:
Also known as the "moon beach" because of its lunar-like landscape, Vlychada Beach features unique sand formations and volcanic cliffs. This beach has a more laid-back atmosphere and is less crowded than some of the other popular beaches on the island.

Monolithos Beach: Located near the airport, Monolithos Beach is a family-friendly option with shallow waters and a playground for children. The beach offers sunbeds and umbrellas for rent and has a few tavernas nearby.

Amoudi Bay: While not a traditional sandy beach, Amoudi Bay is a picturesque spot located below the village of Oia. Visitors can sunbathe on the rocks and swim in the crystal-clear waters. There are also a few waterfront tavernas where you can enjoy fresh seafood.

These are just a few of the many beaches in Santorini, each offering a unique experience due to the island's volcanic geology. Depending on your preferences, you may want to explore more secluded beaches or stick to the popular, easily accessible ones.

Best Hotels in Santorini

Santorini offers a wide range of accommodations, from luxury hotels to budget-friendly options. Many hotels on the island feature stunning views of the caldera, private pools, and exceptional service. Here is a list of some top hotels in Santorini, but please note that these recommendations were up-to-date as of September 2021, and it's always best to check recent reviews and rankings before booking.
  • Grace Hotel Santorini, Auberge Resorts Collection - Located in Imerovigli, this luxury hotel offers breathtaking views of the caldera, elegant rooms, and a beautiful infinity pool.
  • Canaves Oia Suites & Spa - Situated in the picturesque village of Oia, this luxury hotel features spacious suites with private plunge pools and offers top-notch amenities, including a spa and fine dining options.
  • Katikies Hotel - Also located in Oia, Katikies Hotel is known for its stunning architecture, luxurious rooms, and excellent service. The hotel offers multiple pools, a spa, and fine dining options.
  • Andronis Boutique Hotel - This luxury hotel in Oia offers cave-style rooms and suites with private terraces, some with plunge pools or hot tubs. Guests can enjoy the on-site spa, restaurant, and wine cellar.
  • Astra Suites - Nestled in the village of Imerovigli, Astra Suites offers spacious accommodations with caldera views, a beautiful infinity pool, and a spa.
  • Mystique, a Luxury Collection Hotel - Located in Oia, this luxury hotel features cave-style rooms and suites, a stunning infinity pool, and a spa. The hotel's restaurants offer fine dining with caldera views.
  • Perivolas Hotel - Situated in Oia, Perivolas Hotel offers luxurious accommodations with private terraces and a beautiful infinity pool overlooking the caldera. The hotel also has a spa and wellness center.
  • Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa - Located in Oia, this luxury hotel offers spacious suites with private pools, a large spa, and multiple dining options.
  • Cavo Tagoo Santorini - Situated in Imerovigli, this luxury hotel offers rooms and suites with private pools or hot tubs, a stunning infinity pool, and a spa.
  • Athina Luxury Suites - Located in Fira, this hotel features luxurious accommodations with caldera views, an infinity pool, and a spa.
These are just a few of the many incredible hotels in Santorini. Depending on your preferences and budget, you may find other options that better suit your needs.

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